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Russell W. Bunting Periodontal Society Fees:

Annual Membership dues:
	Active Members	   Through March 17,2023		 $310.00 / year
		   			   After March 17, 2023			 $330.00 / year
	Associate Members	Through March 17,2023		$245.00 / year
			  			After March 17,2023		$265.00 / year

Meeting Fees:
	Guests of active members						$200.00 per day meeting
		Non-member Dentists
	Dental Students by invitation:		 			$40.00 per day meeting
	Life Members:	   							$50.00 per day meeting

For an application email Cathy Padbury, or load a PDF version from this site. Mail correspondance for the Bunting Periodontal Society can be sent to: Bunting Periodontal Society 1737 Spring Arbor Rd. PMB #157 Jackson, MI 49203